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The successful implementation of a 21st Century Driver's Education program should contain the following 5 elements.

Involve the student using hands-on training in a virtual driving environment.

Interactive Curriculum
Teach students the core skills needed to drive in an interesting and engaging format.

Hazard Awareness
Teach students to be aware of their driving environment in relation to existing and potential hazards around them. Implementing the Adept Driver software is one way of doing this.

Here are 3 very useful documents to help your students prepare and quiz themselves on Hazard Awareness;

  • Hazard Recognition Checklist and Explanation Sheet - This first document provides a detailed explanation of what hazards are and how to recognize them. This and the following checklist should be read and completed by the PASSENGER, while he or she is learning the process.
  • A short exercise/checklist in how to recognize hazards around you.
  • Driving IQ - this "quiz" allows the passenger to rate the driver on his/her observation and driving skills

Parental Involvement
Get parents involved in the training of their teens through both traditional methods and community programs such as P.R.I.D.E. (GA Traffic Injury Prevention Inst.)

Behind the Wheel
Allow the student to get real world experience. Give them the ability to apply what they learned with the previous elements.